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Parent Zone

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Parents Involvement and Participation

At Fun First Nursery, we believe that it is crucial for you to be involved as much as you can in your child’s life, whether at home or in the nursery. Such involvement is an important part of raising and teaching children well and we will therefore help you to achieve this by providing opportunities for you to participate in our weekly themes. Planning diverse activities throughout the year is an excellent way for you to become involved. It promotes your interest in the themes and most importantly encourages a positive relationship with your child at home. Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your child’s activities and progress or any other related topic.

Our door is always open to you. Your visits to the nursery throughout the day are warmly welcomed. However, we do kindly ask you to first contact the nursery to arrange an appointment. This way we can better assist you.

Collection of Children

No person, unless previously authorized, will be allowed to pick up your child from our nursery. If for some reason, you can not collect your child and find it necessary to have any of the authorized persons to pick up your child, you must call us ahead of time. Do keep in mind that the authorised pick up person, other than a parent, must present the child’s parent pass. These are requirements which will be strictly imposed for the safety of all the children here at the nursery.

‘I wish you a pleasant journey as you watch your child grow and mature’

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