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Things Needed At the Nursery

Parents are requested to supply the following items for their child:

On a Weekly/Monthly basis:

  • Nappies/Diapers and wipes
  • A complete change of clothes to be kept at the nursery
  • Sun block and hat to be kept at the nursery
  • Powders / ointments (if needed)

Items required on a weekly/monthly basis need, in certain instances, to be taken home when necessary for cleaning.

All clothing and belongings should be properly marked in permanent marker/ name tape.

On a Daily basis:

  • Own food (milk, water, healthy snacks…)
  • Pacifiers / soothers if needed

All food should be sent to nursery in a lunch box with an ice pack to keep your child’s food and drinks cool.

Healthy Snacks:

Fun First Nursery encourages healthy eating habits. Parents’ cooperation is essential to establish such habits by sending healthy snacks with your child to the nursery. At this crucial developing stage, your child needs a certain amount of nutrients per day. Please resist sending sweets, chocolates and potato chips to the nursery. These are best left as treats at home. They provide no nutritional value at all! Please click on the link below to download some great, healthy snack ideas for your reference.

Download our Healthy Snack Ideas

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