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Illnesses and Medication

Fun First Nursery places its emphasis upon the ‘well’ child. With so many teachers, assistants, helpers and children dependent upon good health and the possibilities of viruses and contagious diseases spreading in our small world it is essential that parents work with the Nursery to minimise the risk of any infection spreading through the Nursery community. The following points are relevant:

  • Under no circumstances may a parent bring a sick (ill) child to Nursery.
  • Should a child display any signs of illness or should it be suspected that the child is in the process of becoming ill, he/she will be removed as a matter of course from the daily programme and parents will be summoned to fetch the child. Should they prove unable to be contacted the emergency contact person will be contacted to remove the child. Should they also prove to be unobtainable the child will be taken, at the discretion of the Nursery, to a reputable medical facility for treatment. Parents will be liable for any cost incurred.
  • Ill children need the comfort of their parents – not of the Nursery. An ill child should be kept at home where access to doctors/medical care is more immediately available than at the Nursery.
  • No child will be permitted to return to the Nursery unless 24 hours has elapsed after the illness has returned to normal.
  • Symptoms requiring removal of a child from Nursery include:
  • Fever: A temperature of 37.7 degrees centigrade or higher requires at least a 24 hour removal from nursery after the fever has abated.
  • Rash. (Allergy related symptoms and non communicable illness do not require exclusion).
  • Vomiting: Two or more times in a 24 hours period requires an additional 24 hours exclusion period.
  • Laboured breathing, swollen glands, loss of voice, sore throat, hacking or continuous cough: Medical certificate from certified doctor is required stating the condition has elapsed.
  • Runny nose: A clear, runny nose and occasional sneezing is acceptable. Nasal discharge of any colour but clear is not acceptable.
  • Runny eyes, watery and/or pink eyes.
  • Lice, rash, ringworm or any other spots that resemble childhood diseases.

Medical Emergencies

Fun First Nursery makes every effort to keep children safe through constant supervision and child-proofing of amenities. Whenever minor injuries or illnesses occur parents will be contacted as soon as possible to fetch the child from Nursery. Should parents be unavailable the emergency contact person will be contacted. If necessary, and in certain extreme emergencies, your child will be taken directly to hospital and you will be contacted to meet them there.

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