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Photographer on site

Dear Parents, As you already know we have our photographer scheduled on site on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th March. This year, we will be working with PMP MOM’S studio. Some of you might be familiar

December Events

Dear parents, As you know, a few important events are happening at the nursery in December and here they are with some details you need to know. Winter Performance As

Family Day (November 9, 2019)

This is an OPEN INVITE to all families in our communities to our annual Term One Family Day! Every November and March (for the third year in a row), we

Ballet at the nursery

In collaboration with the great mom ballerina @biancamadera, we would like to announce the introduction of ballet at the nursery, on a weekly and in a small group basis. We

Look After Yourself

Moms nowadays juggle many tasks at once in this hectic motherhood life, and when we get overwhelmed we always tend to drop ourselves first, at many levels, to pick up

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