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Look After Yourself

Sep 11 in News

Moms nowadays juggle many tasks at once in this hectic motherhood life, and when we get overwhelmed we always tend to drop ourselves first, at many levels, to pick up others. We all know that for a great performance at any job, it is highly important to look after yourself first to be able to help others, especially when it comes to your loved ones. Motherhood is a highly rewarding job, yet overwhelming. We always seek perfection but distress is what we end up with.

Therefore, our team at Fun First thought of organizing a ‘Look After Yourself’ workshop on Thursday 26th September between 8:00 and 10:00 am to lift up moms in our community, guide them through the struggles of motherhood and empower them in this over demanding world we live in these days.

Three wonderful moms in our community will be running this workshop:

Elisabete Reis, who many of you know as @glamyourimage , is a wonderful mom of three, an image consultant, an expat ladywho has been in Qatar for 12 years and lived in three different continents. Elisabete will be with us to guide moms with useful techniques for a successful self-satisfying image in simple stress free steps.

Shehar Bano Rizvi, who many of you know as @thepmpmom, is a great mom to three wonderful children who were with us at Fun First over the past years. Shehar speaks loudly on social media about anxiety and depression. At this workshop, she will be laying out mothers’ struggles these days and giving moms tools & advises on how to battle depression and the sense of failure, and how to lift your spirit in many challenging circumstances we go through.

Nancy Gobayan, who many know as @FoodGlamour, is a mom of two wonderful boys who as well attended Fun First over the past few years. Nancy focuses in her blog on the glam of her table and meals. She will be discussing with us at the workshop simple techniques to glam your home without much efforts.

Take some time off and join us. Looking forward to see you and pamper many of you with many surprises and presents. Light nibbles & beverages will be provided. Be there! Be many!

Look After Yourself


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