New Academic Year 2017-2018

Posted: 12/09/2017


Dear Parents,

We would like to welcome you all to Fun First Nursery, returning parents and children as well as those new children and parents who are joining us for this academic year. We hope that you all had a great summer break.  We are looking forward to another great year at the nursery!

At Fun First Nursery, our mission is to provide only the best of care and services for your child throughout their formative years. We strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which each child is valued as an individual in his/her own right, each with different needs and expectations. Advancement will be achieved through structured play and planned activities together with creative and first-hand experience. Parents are our partners, with their guidance we value our strength and are able to work on our challenges for an outstanding childcare performance.

I am sure you and your children are very excited and some of you, anxious about the first days of your child’s nursery experience with us. Rest assured that they are in the best care with our professional teaching staff. Kindly make sure you read through the attached Parents Handbook which has already been sent to you via email upon registration along with our Policies & Procedures booklet. If you have not received them yet, both handbooks are available for download from our website at

Here are some important matters I would like to bring to your attention:

Separation Anxiety: During the months of September and October, we will have new children settling into the nursery. Please be reminded that if your child is attending nursery for the first time its best to leave them only one/two hours for the first day then increase the time by a  couple of hours per day during their first week or two so they can settle in smoothly. You may stay with your child on their first day for a maximum of 15 minutes for them to get used to the environment then we will look after them. Feel free to communicate your worries with the class leaders. They are all professionals who would like to guide you through the best introduction to school for your child. We completely understand how difficult it is to leave your upset child behind. To help your child settle in quicker, it is important to refer to the Separation Anxiety leaflet provided in Hints and Tips section on our website. Follow this link

Late Pick- Up Programme: On a brighter note we are pleased to inform you that, after many requests from parents last year, we have decided to extend our working hours to accommodate the children of working parents or anyone that is in need of longer childcare hours. We will now run two programmes:

Pick up on time: Speaking of working hours, may you kindly be as prompt as possible when collecting your child on agreed / chosen time (no later than 2:30pm or 4:00pm). All our teaching staff leave to be with their families at 2:35 and the late pick- up team leaves at 4:05pm. Please take traffic in consideration.

Health & Safety: At Fun First, we do implement a strict Healthy eating policy and encourage children in our care to look after their health, food & hygiene. Please try not to send junk food, nuts or chocolate. We are a Nut Free Zone. As you are aware, safety is also very important at the nursery therefore our security guard will require you to show a white/yellow pass upon drop off and collection of your child. You may collect your passes from the class leader or reception. Should prior arrangements be made for the collection of your child, please note that our reception and/or class leader need to be informed first. No child will be released to anyone except his/her parents/guardians. Our visitors are issued a visitor pass upon giving in their ID at the gate.

Finally, on behalf of all staff members I would like to thank you for your trust and for your choice in childcare. I wish your children all the best in their learning adventure with us. Please feel free to approach us for any more information or clarifications you may need. Let’s look forward to another successful and fun-filled year at Fun First Nursery.

Yours sincerely,

Samia Chalouhi

General Manager