BioBil Yoga at the nursery

Posted: 19/09/2019

We proudly announce the introduction of Mommy & Me yoga sessions at Fun First nursery in collaboration with the great yoga masters

At the nursery we have ‘Breathe In Breathe out’ exercises as part of our practice on a daily basis to help children relax & re focus. Now and after many requests from moms at the nursery, we are introducing Yoga for moms and their children as an extension to the breathing programme we have.

Why Yoga?! How does it help?!

Yoga is a physical & mental exercise that benefits:

If you are interested in joining our small group of Mommy & Me yoga, at Fun First nursery, please contact our reception to book your spot and get the details of timings.

If you would like to know more about yoga, and the benefits of exercising with your child, please visit BioBil yoga studios in West Bay and I am sure they will fill you in.

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